It is not odd to find people getting bad deals on home purchases. What was supposed to be a dream home may be a place with some dissatisfying attributes. This situation is easily preventable if you make confident that the apartment you are considering has all the amenities you require. Due to recent real estate development within the city, many suburban areas have sprung up.

Because of the high competition among real estate developers, the term “luxury” has become a differentiator for most real estate businesses. The term “luxury” is frequently misused in real estate hotspots like flats in Ayanambakkam, and apartments with the most basic amenities are sometimes misrepresented as luxurious properties.

May it be your first apartment purchase or you are a veteran, there are some features to look for when purchasing a home from the best builders in Chennai. Many people can stage and make a property look nice, keeping in mind that the house will remain once their belongings are gone. As a result, when considering purchasing a home, consider these features to help ensure that you are making a wise investment. 

Backup power supply

This is non-negotiable, mainly if you live in a city where power outages are expected. Because some areas are prone to power outages, you should ensure that your purchasing home has a power backup system. Lifts As cities become more congested, and high-rise apartments are becoming more common. Lifts are a must-have in apartment buildings. If it is a large apartment complex, make sure there are multiple lifts and that there is power backup. Flats in Ayanambakkam provide this type of facility.

Availability of water

Water scarcity is becoming more common in major cities. Check to see if there is a 24-hour water supply in the apartment building to avoid future problems. You could also take extra precautions to ensure that the water received is high quality.

Services for security

Every apartment building must have introductory security provisions. An unsecured apartment building is a lousy investment regardless of whether it has round-the-clock security personnel or automated security devices. Parking space is high on the list of requirements for apartment buyers. It is purchasing a home that does not include a parking space results in years of headaches when it comes to finding a parking space. Remember that covered areas are ideal.

Amenities for recreation

As the demands of city dwellers increase, apartments must provide recreational facilities on-site. This could include a children’s play area, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, or tennis courts. The affordability of these facilities is also an important consideration.

Use of common areas

As an apartment owner, you have the right to use common areas such as the terrace and function halls. Before you agree to the purchase, make sure you understand the terms of access, so you get what is rightfully yours. Flats in Ayanambakkam are ideal for you if you are looking for these features in your property.

Disposal of waste

It’s a good inkling to look into the waste disposal methods used in your apartment complex. If your city has rules regarding waste segregation and disposal, see if the apartment has a system to follow these rules.

Designs that are Vastu compliant

A Vastu-compliant apartment design is critical to many buyers. Aside from religious considerations, Vastu or Feng Shui is founded on science and practicality. For example, an apartment facing east will provide adequate light and ventilation. Consider inquiring about it before purchasing a home.


In major cities, finding adequate space is becoming increasingly difficult. Flats that are only 4 or 5 feet apart are prevalent. Living in such apartments can quickly become frustrating – a lack of air, light, and privacy is enough to drive anyone insane. Insist on flats with adequate lung space.

Examine the neighbourhood

Your house is essential, but so are the safety, location, and proximity to various amenities. If you have children, look into nearby schools and travel time to work, stores, and how your neighbourhood is laid out. Feel just as at ease in your community as you do in your home. These basic amenities can go a long way toward ensuring a pleasurable homeownership experience.

Consider the kitchen space

The kitchen is one of the most used areas of any home. The condition of the kitchen, ventilation, and the setup in your home will directly impact your mood. So go ahead and take a deep look in the kitchen.

Finishes and materials

Once you’ve determined your price range, determine what finishes are typical in your price range. Vinyl flooring, lower-end carpet, and possibly plastic laminate counters in the kitchen and bathrooms will be used in a less expensive home. In contrast, higher-end homes may have more durable flooring such as tile, wood, and solid surfacing in kitchens such as granite or slate. Knowing what to presume in your price range will help you determine whether or not the home you’re looking at is a good buy.

Pay attention to the ceiling

Water spots from potential leaks and cracks from structural damage can appear on the ceiling. Look for warning signs such as cracks in the drywall, wall surfaces, and where the top meets the wall.


When looking at homes, know what upgrades versus standard amenities are if you are purchasing a brand new home from a builder. Apartments for sale in Ayanambakkam have numerous upgrades to demonstrate the flats in the highest quality. In comparison, upgrades do not indicate that the house is built better or worse than homes with fewer upgrades. Once again, this information will assist you in being a well-informed homebuyer. Allow yourself to buy a more expensive home than you budgeted for because of upgrades. Knowing your price point will help you stay focused.

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