Purchasing an apartment means exchanging a lifetime of savings for the perfect home. Considering the sizeable amount of money, it goes without saying there is little margin for error. This is why one needs to buy from the top builders in Chennai. The initial phase of narrowing down the properties is crucial to making the right choices. 

This article will help ease the process by helping you figure out the right builders who will meet your requirements. 

Check for Industry experience

A lot of new names are popping up in the real estate market. There are even name brands in other industries that are venturing into construction. However, it is better to opt for brands whose niche is real estate, preferably residential construction. The number of years they have survived the market gives us insight into their reliability and experience. They are knowledgeable on industry standards and trends, cost-effective materials and practices, and the most efficient way to execute the project. This enables faster delivery of the apartment while maintaining the necessary quality control measures. 

Volume and Type of Projects

Since we are addressing buying an apartment, we need to look for builders who are well-versed in this particular type of construction. Each space has its unique complexities. You will need someone who is familiar with dealing with the issues. Take into consideration the number of projects they have executed, and how many apartment communities make up that number. Browse their portfolio to understand the types of facilities they offer. Visit the project to check the occupancy rate, rental value, actual size, and scope of their previous projects. 

Additionally, you need to check the number of current projects they have. This may seem trivial, but the current projects give you a glimpse into their financial stability and revenue stream. It means that they are reliable enough under the present set of circumstances in the real estate market for people to safely invest in them.

Technical Proficiency of the Team

Each project the builder is developing must have a distinct set of technical staff on site. This assures you that the work is executed smoothly and with minimal chance of miscommunication. It also means that the builder can employ the required number of people and is committed to quality.

A technically strong team will focus on structural integrity, helping you weather disasters. The number of snags is reduced as the team is dedicated solely to one project. 

Meeting customization requests

Nobody wants to live in soapbox apartments. We all have dreams of a unique space that reflects our personality and is comfortable for the family. The top builders in Chennai offer extensive customization services. You can reshape the apartment to your needs by remodeling the interiors. You can ask for different openings, choices in woodwork, modular kitchens, and wardrobes. Some of them offer complete interior décor and furnishing services. Choose from builders who are flexible and indulge your expectations. You might actually get a better rate on the furnishings and interior décor when engaging them.

Transparent Legal Processes and Certifications

Check the strength of the builder’s legal team. They should be knowledgeable in the intricacies of real estate. Moreover, the builder should offer a completely transparent home-buying process, taking you efficiently through the legalities involved.

Check the site documents and the apartment documents to ensure that the land has been authorized for development and that the apartment built-up area falls within the norms. Ask for the builder’s accreditations from the government, licensing them to carry out construction activities. All the necessary licenses must be up to date. Any discrepancies could mean the site gets shut down and you lose out on your apartment. 

Help with the Housing Loans

The top builders in Chennai are partnered with nationalized banks and other reputed lending institutions. This partnership allows them to fund their own projects as well as, funnel funding to the customers. They ease and speed up the housing loan processing. It is far easier to move through the developer than to negotiate the loan interest on your own. A tie-up with such banks and financiers also suggests that the builder is reliable and capable of handling the investment effectively. It is in the mutual interest of both the developer and their customers. 

Online and live testimonials

You can always visit the project or previous projects by the same builder. Ask the current residents and owners about their experience with the developer. It also helps you gauge the quality of construction, the materials used, the locality, and maintenance after handing over. You can also catch up on the resale and rental value, and the property appreciation in that locality. 

Additionally, you can look up online reviews on Google My Business and assess the customer testimonials. The builder will also have testimonials on their website but you might want the unadulterated versions of what their customers actually think and feel. 

Delivery on Schedule

Each project has a specific timeline and delivery date that has been planned ahead. Given the variability in weather, the handing over should not vary too much from the mentioned date. The top builders in Chennai offer compensation if they are unable to hand over the apartment on the promised date. The builder should also give you access to the project timelines so you can check if they are keeping up with it. Since the payment is also made in stages, you can check if the payment is being made against the correct phase of work. Builders that have a reputation for delivering on time, will continue to do so to retain their customers and brand value. 

Essential Amenities

A lot of builders offer luxury amenities and of course, they also come at a premium price. You need to focus on the ones that actually add value to your life. Don’t compromise on essentials like 24 x 7 Power, Water, and security. You will also need covered dedicated parking areas. If you live an active lifestyle, then projects with a gym and swimming pool would suit your needs. Figure out the ones you absolutely need and focus on apartments that have them. 

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