Investing in a property is not a decision that can be taken without proper analysis. One needs to put their life savings into it and will have different ideas on their dream house. Owning a property in Chennai is not an easy thing as it is one of the prolific cities in India. It is home to several historic buildings and has the second-longest seashore. 

Before you start approaching the top builders in Chennai to discuss your dream home, you should consider buying one in Tambaram. As the city keeps expanding, Chennai is no longer restricted to old roads laid by the British Government. With the advent of IT companies along the OMR road, the city has significantly expanded. 

Tambaram can be a great location to buy your dream home as it is situated in a sweet spot to cater to the needs of everyone. Tambaram is situated in the southern part of Chennai and can be easily accessed via the Chennai-Trichy highway. When it comes to investing in properties, people should keep one thing in mind. The place they own should give desirable returns in the future and the value should not depreciate. 

This is one of the primary reasons why several property developers in Chennai rush towards Tambaram as they clearly know that people will choose the place over others to buy their dream home. When it comes to essential checkboxes, it crosses everything like good connectivity, transportation, hospitals, schools, etc. 

Due to its excellent connectivity to IT corridors and many state and national highways, it has become a neighborhood that is much sought after. Tambaram railway station also has good connectivity to several other districts in Tamil Nadu. It divides Tambaram into two major parts:

  • East Tambaram
  • West Tambaram

A plethora of premium apartment builders in Chennai has drifted to Tambaram to set new standards in quality design and top-notch services to prove their excellence. With skilled and passionate teams on board, every property builder is working towards the ultimate goal of building trust and belief with their clientele.

Prominent connectivity:

Tambaram is well connected through railways and has frequent train services from Chennai Beach station and Chengalpattu. It covers all the major places in Chennai which are regularly used by office goers. Hence, the railway station will be bustling with people round the clock. One can also reach Chennai International airport easily by road as it is located 7.9 km away from the neighborhood. Chennai Bypass road passes directly through Tambaram and so its residents will not have any problem with transit to major parts of the city.  

Close-by attractions:

Vandaloor zoo is one of the largest zoos in India and it is just ten minutes from Tambaram junction. One can also find Kishkinta Theme Park close by Tambaram which has plenty of exciting amusements and rides which can be the perfect hangout place during weekends for family and friends. Moreover, there are several places around Tambaram that have historical significance. To match the needs of its residents, top builders in Chennai strive to incorporate the best designs in every house.

Essential services:

Before deciding to purchase a property in a neighborhood, one should analyze the essential services located around it. As Tambaram has grown to be one of the primary hubs of the city, there is no shortage of essential services. It has some of the most prominent educational institutions in Tamil Nadu. Parents can choose from popular institutions like Shankara Vidhyalaya, Zion Matriculation, Christ King, Sundaravalli Group, etc. 

When it comes to higher education, parents can easily find colleges that cover almost every stream in education. Madras Christian College, Bharat University, Crescent University, SRM University, etc., are some of the popular names. 

Tambaram also has a strong healthcare system with state-of-the-art facilities. Although several top builders in Chennai also include healthcare centres as a part of their design in townships, people can also find plenty of hospitals that are specialized in various treatments. Hindu Mission Hospital, Deepam Hospital, Government T.B Hospital, Government Siddha Hospital, Phillips Hospital, A.G Hospital are some of the popular hospitals in Tambaram. 

What are the future prospects in the Tambaram neighborhood?

The Tamil Nadu government has proposed a six-lane highway connecting Chengalpattu and Tindivanam which will also cover Tambaram. Once the project is completed successfully, there will be a significant upbeat in the real estate prices. The real estate trends have always been on a vertical scale in Tambaram as most IT companies are situated close to it. If you closely analyze the previous year’s data on real estate, there has been a 37 percent increase and a 22 percent increase in the last two years. 


With a plethora of huge projects from top builders in Chennai, Tambaram is gearing up to be an apartment-friendly area. While several projects are currently under construction, market analysts predict that the price bracket will surely skyrocket in the next few years. 

Tambaram can be equally attributed to lush greenery and bustling roads. Underlying the fact that Tambaram is one of the top ten preferred locations when it comes to buying homes in Chennai, now would be the perfect time to own your dream home in Chennai without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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