If you are planning on buying a property or apartment, you would have several choices. Once you have shortlisted projects of your choice, property comparison is the next stage. You must visit the site in person in order to finalise it. Although every real estate developer will share photos and videos of the site, nothing beats a face to face encounter. It is easy to finalise a property when you visit it as you will get to understand what you are buying and what you are getting. 

Since most people will be investing their life earnings to buy their dream house, visiting the property is very important to assure land ownership over it. There are several aspects and things to consider when it comes to buying a dream house. The hunt for the perfect property does not end with collecting information as it will not give a proper idea about it. 

If you are planning on visiting the site, here is a small checklist that will be helpful. Unlike most conventional guides, it will dive into some of the crucial aspects that are often overlooked by the masses while visiting a property before purchasing. 

Analyse the architecture and foundation:

As the foundation of a property is a very important factor, buyers should analyse it carefully. Apartment builders in Chennai will put special attention to these factors as they amplify the durability and stability of the building. You can also try getting the reports on the land and construction to analyse the type of materials that went into constructing it. 

Examine the ceilings and walls of the property:

Apart from the foundation, ceilings and walls of a property are very important as they are directly connected to it. Since their stability and strength is very important for the longevity of the house, it should be thoroughly examined. While examining the house, look for bends and cracks in the surfaces. Also, look for the wet places in the walls and check if some places take a longer time to dry. This can help with finding leaks and spots for improper plastering in the walls.

Fittings and wirings:

Fittings and wirings are very important in a house as you will use them on a daily basis. If they cause some problems in the future, you might have to break a significant portion of the wall to get it sorted which will cost you a ton of money. You should also look into the brand of fittings and materials that went into your walls. Chances are that your electronic devices might get affected if cheap quality materials are used for fittings and wirings.

Bathroom fittings and plumbing:

You must have a clear idea about the plumbing equipment and fittings that go into the building. They must be properly checked so that you can avoid any major repairs in the long run. Every house for sale in Ayanambakkam will have premium quality bathroom fittings. Since they play a vital role in a household, you must not leave any stone unturned. 

Doors and windows:

Doors and windows are one of the most important aspects of a house as they are useful in several ways. Since windows and doors involve woodwork, they should be focussed more precisely. You must ask for the type of wood that was used to build them and verify the authenticity of documents produced by them. Check for the gaps in between the joints and corners as they will eventually get expanded. Since doors and windows ensure the safety of residents, they should not be overlooked. 

Check for the electricity and water connection:

Electricity and water are essential for the survival of human beings. One must have a steady and stable functional flow of water and electricity to lead a peaceful life. Since water and electricity are the basic functional requirements for a house, you should not compromise on them in any way. When you approach apartment builders in Chennai to own your dream house, ensure that they have obtained proper permissions from the governing bodies for water and electricity connections. 

Security amenities:

Since a majority of people have started to prefer an apartment lifestyle, security is one of the most important aspects. Almost every apartment builder has started to install CCTV cameras and it has become mandatory in every metropolitan city. No matter the scale of the project, property developers provide the best security features for their residents. Some apartment builders have also started to provide smart door entry options for their residents as it provides an added layer of security. 

Other amenities:

If you are looking for an apartment, then you must get the best value out of your investment. Homebuyers will expect basic amenities like walking lanes, fully covered parking, park, etc. If you are looking for a premium apartment, then you can also look for top class amenities like a recreational zone, cinema hall, swimming pool, etc. Most apartment builders in Chennai have started to provide parks and covered parking as a mandatory amenity for their residents. 


This is a basic version of the checklist to follow during a real estate site visit. As peoples’ expectations vary, the list will vary. Apart from these, several requirements and analyses are required from the buyers’ end before taking a decision. Hence, you must perform in-depth research before finalising a property. 

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