Despite the challenges of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the commercial real estate industry has a promising outlook for 2022. The real estate market may appear to be strikingly unchanged since the pandemic. But It’s not. According to some property developers in Chennai, despite some surprises and overly pessimistic forecasts in the retail and office commercial real estate markets, industrial continues to perform well. Some marketplaces and industries may have permanently altered. Some houses for sale in Mogappair and villas for sale in Nolambur have become obsolete. Fears of inflation, a major economic risk, are exacerbated by labour and product shortages. Some of the property developers in Chennai stated the previous year was a roller coaster ride for Indian real estate. The market crashed during Lockdown, but it quickly recovered as demand picked up. 

Even though the pandemic has spared no state or city, its impact on property markets and sectors is now markedly different from that of the previous recovery. Because of this divergence, some industries, such as industrial properties, have barely paused as a surge in online spending has boosted tenant demand for the property developers in Chennai. The same is true for multifamily properties, with tenant demand continuing to rise and rents returning to historic highs across much of the country. The recent crisis has taught us the value of opposing ideas. Maintaining hygiene and safety while leading a fulfilling community-focused lifestyle. People in India are beginning to recognize how important and enriching it is to live a socially fulfilling, community-driven life. The sense of belonging and commitment that comes from being a part of a community based on meaningful social interaction can be very powerful. It also provides a sense of calm and safety.

Despite this uptick, the pandemic hastened the retail property sector’s long decline, with store closures and vacancies on the rise. The only exceptions are grocery-anchored shopping centers, dollar stores, and home improvement stores, which are all thriving. Undoubtedly, the office sector is undergoing a major transformation, with vastly different outcomes depending on location and whether a building has flexible layouts and better ventilation systems. Nonetheless, job openings are expected to continue to rise.

Let us navigate through the assets for the trends and opportunities of commercial real estate in 2022. 

Buyers who were reviled will re-enter the sector

  • Part of the reason that home values are expected to rise again in 2022, albeit by a smaller amount, is that demand never fell.
  • This simply hibernated as buyers priced out of the 2021 red-hot market were forced to rent.
  • Many of them still wish to purchase a home.
  • Many others, on the other hand, will continue to rent, driving up prices even further.

Rental prices skyrocketed all year because inventory was far too low to meet demand throughout 2021. Rising rents, which are expected to rise by around 7% in 2022, will be the primary driver of the increase in demand for single-family homes.

  • However, single-family homes are only one aspect of the story.
  • The Multi-Family Sector Will Be Pandemic-Resistant
  • From the beginning of the pandemic, multi-family homes provided investors with higher returns and lower risk than nearly every other sector of the real estate industry. In 2022, nothing appears to be changing.
  • The multi-family sector remains extremely resilient to the financial impact of the COVID pandemic, as it has been for the past two years during the initial outbreak. 
  • Also, the current Omicron variant raises the risk of investments in this asset class, even though the original investment thesis remains true.

Affordable workforce housing

Mixed-income housing complexes that combine market, workforce, and reasonably priced entities in one spot play a critical role in boosting the supply of affordable housing. Increased housing density, as well as public-private partnerships, play an important role in increasing the number of affordable and workforce housing units.

Updated infrastructure

An infrastructure initiative could improve roads and bridges, reducing commute times, allowing for faster e-commerce last-mile deliveries, and boosting the economy. Infrastructure investments have the potential to directly benefit commercial properties in the area by improving access, providing higher-quality amenities and services, and increasing desirability for employers and households.

The Remodeling Industry

With home prices and values at all-time highs, homeowners have mountains of equity, and some of that newfound wealth will be reinvested right back into the homes that generated it. Remodelling will see strong growth in 2022, with homeowners benefiting from rising home values. More homeowners will focus on adding space, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the resiliency of the housing stock.

Climate Change 

Climate change is already reshaping the real estate landscape and not just by the sea. However, as of now and in the future, buyers are not considering global warming when deciding where to settle down. Despite an increase in wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes, the majority of homebuyers do not prioritize climate risk, according to the report.

When it comes to buying a home, most people do not think about climate change. Whether they like it or not, they may be forced to consider it sooner or later. According to the report, this could change if mortgage lenders risk-assess properties in terms of climate change and decide not to lend on certain properties in high-risk areas.

Real estate investment goals for 2022

The coming year appears to be promising, with retail and multifamily asset classes bouncing back and industrial thriving. Commercial real estate has also pioneered new approaches to increasing the supply of affordable and workforce housing. To aid economic growth, the public and private sectors must work together to prioritize infrastructure.


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