As every good investor knows the last quarter of the financial year is the best time to make profitable investments. If you are looking to invest in real estate, specifically in apartments, then Pallavaram is the place for you. 

Flats in Pallavaram are the hottest item in Chennai’s real estate market now. Conveniently located at the junction that connects major employment zones, there is no lack of infrastructure here. With rental growth and property value appreciation, whether you are investing in a home for you, or for passive rental income, you are poised to make a profit. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to invest in Pallavaram this financial year.

Great connectivity

Pallavaram is located on the GST road. It is also a major junction that connects the Oragadam Industrial Corridor to the OMR IT corridor. The GST road connects it to the major commercial zones in the inner city, and also the outer reaches of Chennai, and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Chennai’s excellent MTC Bus service connects it to the rest of the city.

It also has a dedicated railway station with lines connecting it all the way to Egmore, Central, and Beach Railway stations. The Blue line of the Metro Rail project has a station at Pallavaram, furthering ease of access to and from this strategic location. 

Pallavaram is also a 10-minute drive from the Chennai International Airport. No more rushing to the airport against time and traffic.

Social Infrastructure advantages

The real estate value of any area is determined by the civic infrastructure there, be it existing or proposed. Like every other location, they are also important to the quality of life in flats in Pallavaram. For families with elders and kids, it is important to have medical aid in the vicinity. The residents of Pallavaram have access to prestigious hospitals like Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Sankara Kidney hospital, and Apollo Specialty Hospital. The National Institute of Siddha and Hospital is also located at just a 10 mins drive. 

The education of children can continue without disruption at premium schools like DAV, Chaitanya Techno, Ravindra Bharathi, Vels school, Vels University, etc. 

The area receives an uninterrupted water supply. It is close to the Porur lake which is a major source of water for the entire city. Water is an essential commodity and people living in Pallavaram need not fear water shortage even in summer months. 

There are also shops, theatres, and restaurants for all essentials and entertainment. There are also several SEZs and IT parks right on the GST road that provides enhanced employment opportunities. Its proximity to the OMR IT corridor and the Oragadam Industrial Corridor also ensures that any change in employment come with a good work-life balance.

Property Appreciation

Flats in Pallavaram will show great property appreciation in the coming years. They have shown an upward trend over the past decade that is expected to continue. With the proposal of new IT parks and industries in the area, along with the maintenance of public infrastructure, there is a high demand for real estate in this area. This boosts rental value and land prices. 

The place is surrounded by IT parks and industries. This attracts a lot of people to the city, who will look to rent or buy property. This influx has boosted rental value by 10 – 12 %. 

While investing in Pallavaram will always fetch you a profit in returns, the sooner you invest, you can get a better price on it. 

Safe Living conditions

One of the first factors that we look for when searching for a home is the safety of the residential area. Families with women, children, and the elderly require a secure environment that gives them peace of mind. Pallavaram has been identified as one of the safest neighborhoods in Chennai. Being on the GST road, the area is frequented by Police patrols. It is also covered with both public and private CCTV. Flats in Pallavaram also have their own CCTV coverage that keeps their premises safe. 

The presence of a large number of local businesses ensures the constant movement of people. The stores are open late into the night, which makes the area safe for most part of the day. Crime rates are relatively low compared to other high commercial areas. 

Affordable Premium real estate

Pallavaram is one of the premium micro markets in Chennai’s real estate scene. Yet it still remains highly affordable, unlike the inner city areas, OMR, and ECR. You get all the comfort and even luxury of the premium apartments, but without digging deep in your pockets.

The competitive pricing attracts a multitude of residents making it a multicultural experience. It makes for a thriving community, perfect for families and young working professionals. 

The apartments for sale in Pallavaram also come with premium amenities with lesser maintenance charges. You can access a lot of amenities like a swimming pool, gym, playpark, and courts, without having to buy individual memberships. 

Raunaq Foundations Garden Wood is a premium residential community with 3 BHK flats for sale in Pallavaram. The 55 units 2 & 3 BHK homes ranging from 860 to 1341 sqft. Besides the distinct advantage, they have from being located in Pallavaram, the project features 35+ luxury amenities, that make living there worth every rupee you spent on your home. 

The completely Vaastu-compliant flats are equipped with 24 x 7 Water, Power, and Security. There is dedicated parking for residents and visitors. There are facilities like Gym and multipurpose courts for adults to enjoy a physically and socially active life. A beautifully appointed lounge gives elders a relaxing space to interact with their peers. Kids have lots of fun activities like Rock climbing, play area, basketball, foosball table, etc. to keep them occupied and active in their free time. 

The Garden Wood flats in Pallavaram present an affordable premium investment for first-time home buyers and recurring investors. We would love to have you for a site visit. Book your slot now!



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