As a first-time home buyer, it is natural to feel apprehensive about investing your money in a house. The current generation of home buyers are smart in making calculated decisions that secure their life for the foreseeable future. The top builders in Chennai also understand the unique needs of the modern family and cater to that with exceptionally designed residential communities. 

With all due research done, here are the top reasons why the new gen home buyers are leaning towards gated apartment communities. 

Safety, the highest priority

Gated Communities in Chennai come with 24 x 7 Security. It can be in the form of Security personnel manning the premises throughout the day, CCTV coverage of crucial areas in the compound, or both. Some of the premium residential communities have additional security features. 

A comprehensive Guest management system would include the screening of guests at the entrance and an App that takes guest information.  There are video and audio door phones that allow residents to authorize visitors who come to their houses. This includes drivers, vendors, and domestic help. This allows tracking the movement of non-residents throughout the community, ensuring safety, especially for the elderly, women, and children. 

The project itself is likely to be located in a safe neighborhood. The crime rates are lower and there is regular police patrol. There would be CCTV coverage of the roads leading up to the project. As a new homeowner, you can leave for work and other situations that take you away from home, with a peaceful mind. These are fool-proof security measures. 

Full range of amenities

The top builders in Chennai are keen on providing their customers with maximum comfort. New homeowners also want the best deal for their money. With all amenities within their grasp in gated communities, no wonder that’s where they choose to invest. For young families, an active lifestyle is very important. A swimming pool, air-conditioned gym, jogging paths, and tennis courts fulfill this. 

Supermarkets within the complex make sure their everyday needs are met for groceries and fresh fruits and vegetables. A fully appointed clubhouse is the perfect space to unwind with friends and family on weekends and holidays. 

There is no room for discomfort with a 24 X 7 uninterrupted supply of power and clean water. The common areas are well lit and all parts of the community are easily accessible to the residents. There are well-paved driveways and ample space for parking vehicles. And of course, as discussed in the previous section, there are security measures for the safety of all residents. 

Contingency management

In the event of emergencies in the form of natural calamities, people living in individual houses have to take care of any issues on their own. Be it fires, floods, or any other crisis, a gated apartment community is equipped with emergency response measures. There are fire fighting equipment and water drainage facilities. There is a generator that keeps power running even when the power grid shuts down. These facilities are not readily available when living on their own. Even in the case of personal emergencies, the apartment community rallies together to support their neighbors. 

No Maintenance Worries

When people live in an individual house, all maintenance is their own liability. But in gated apartment communities, any and all repair work is taken care of with a phone call or message to the concerned person. Be it the responsibility of the builder of the Residents’ Association, they already have service staff on call for everything. 

That dripping tap or blown fuse becomes a minor inconvenience as it gets rectified in record time. And most of this gets covered in your monthly or annual maintenance fee. The premises and other common amenities are also maintained with this fund. This covers landscaping and pest control too, keeping the premises clean and sanitary.

A healthy social life

A thriving social life is a must-have in this generation. It helps maintain a work-life balance for a harmonious life. Being online all the time is taking on a toll on social behavior. The top builders in Chennai ensure that their Gated communities are conducive to healthy social interactions. The presence of communal spaces like the gym, clubhouse, swimming pool, etc. helps develop organic friendships with other residents. Adults can figure out who else has the same interests and plan to meet regularly for social events. Residents have access to all the amenities at no extra cost or a minimal fee as per the Community rules. This would otherwise mean expensive club and gym memberships, and time spent commuting to them every day. 

The elderly people have others of their age to talk to in the garden areas and go for walks. The most common problem in old age is loneliness. Gated communities have other elders to engage with. 

Since there are a fair number of homes in the apartment community, the children also have more playmates and form a social circle of their own. They will most likely attend the same schools in the vicinity. Playing with other kids their age also keeps children physically active and in turn mentally stimulated. This entertains growth through peer learning, good emotional adjustment, and a high Social Quotient. 

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