The strong recovery of the real estate sector, like the top builders in Chennai following the pandemic, bodes well for the coming year. The industry constantly evolves by incorporating new technologies and strategies to reach potential customers. Owning a home has become a buzzword, and prospective buyers want to view their home before purchasing it. 

To fulfill their wish, reputable builders and developers implemented the sample flat viewing strategy. Sample flats are what an ideal home would look like: well-designed, captivating, and welcoming. But hold on. These are not the actual flats you will receive. Sample flats are built near or in the proposed location of the ongoing project. This method of viewing the sample flat before purchasing assisted homebuyers in anticipating their new flats in pallavaram and obtaining complete details of the interiors, fittings, carpet area, and fixtures to be used in their future homes.

On a site visit to an under-construction project, you are persuaded by both the developer and the broker to visit the sample flat to get a sense of what you will receive. These flats are designed with the utmost care and the best-in-class products to entice potential homebuyers and make them believe that it is precisely like their dream home. While the entire setup appears flawless, keep in mind that you will receive nothing resembling the sample flat. These flats are designed so that the homebuyer is ready to buy the property right away, and developers spend a lot of money to make them look great.

You should take everything shown in the sample flat with a grain of salt. Here’s how the sample flats differ from the flat you’ll receive in the future:

  • The main door of the sample flat will be at least 30% higher and nearly 10% wider than the door of the flat to which you will be delivered. The wood used for the door will be thick and of high quality. These features immediately make the flat appear larger.
  • There will be a lot of glass separators between rooms rather than walls, which is another way to make the flat look spacious and luxurious.
  • The ceiling will always be a few inches higher than the future flat you will be given.
  • The lighting fixtures will be luxurious and elaborate, creating a sense of space.
  • Smaller furniture creates more space throughout the home, from the living room to the bedroom.
  • Even the walls in these apartments are not concrete; the developers use gypsum boards, which are simple to install and demolish. However, as a home buyer, you will notice more space.
  • The modular kitchens shown are also luxurious, with high-quality hardware. 

What can you do to avoid disappointment?

If you are planning a visit, ensure that while the top builders in Chennai are showing you the sample flat, he also takes you to the site to show you a raw flat. When you visit the sample flat, start picturing your furniture and decorations and determining whether the space is adequate. Always request documents containing the actual dimensions of the apartment, and be bold and measure them in the sample flat. Do your due diligence and research the developer’s previous projects if the project is still in the planning stages before signing the contract. 

Read and sign the Sales Agreement

Before making any decisions about the property, read the builder’s sales agreement thoroughly. Make sure that they construct the same items using the specified materials and that the details they provide are specific. Make it a habit to ask them questions about the property details and to be eager to learn about your queries.

Make a cost estimate

Before you purchase your dream home, make a cost estimate, so you know how much money you will spend. Prepare a list of the items you want in the house and the materials needed for construction. Make an appointment with the contractor and builder you’ve chosen to discuss the specifics of the money you’ll be spending. However, a distinction must be made between a sample flat and a natural flat. Here are some key points to consider before purchasing a sample flat in an under-construction project.

Choose reputable builders and developers

Before seeing a sample flat, ask the top builders in Chennai if you can visit their other projects to get a sense of their overall work, construction quality, and on-time delivery record. A sample flat viewing will help you learn more about your future home.

Examine the entire sample flat

If you have the opportunity to view the project’s sample flat before purchasing a home, take advantage of it. Investigate every room and nook of the sample flat. 

It can assist you in determining the carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area. When you enter the sample flat, you will know how much space your family members will have. Instead of bricks and mortars, sample flats are typically constructed of plywood and thermocol. 

As a result, the available space in the sample flat will give you the illusion of more space. Furthermore, the loading in sample flats is much lower than in actual flats, which is 35%, and the thinner walls give the impression of more space, which is not the case in real flats. The actual apartment is smaller than the sample apartment. You’ll get an idea of the ceiling-to-floor height ratio, which will help you later design or plan your space based on your needs.

Fittings and fixtures

All fixtures and fittings are installed in the sample flat so that you can inspect the quality ahead of time. You will have the opportunity to inspect the sanitary brand, flooring, window quality, and electrical fixtures in the sample flat. Windows, doors, color, and lighting in a sample flat make it appear appealing and spacious. These are not present in the actual flat. However, if you intend to customize your flat, viewing the sample flat will give you a good idea of how to proceed.


So, plan a site visit to 3bhk flats for sale in pallavaram to understand the sample flat and your future dream home’s floor plan down to the fixtures and fittings.




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